Architonic Membership

Membership Services


Product presentation

Presentation of all your products (up to max. 500 master products). For every product Architonic creates a product data sheet and links the product within the Architonic navigation structure.

Continent filter and country selection

Individual products can be displayed or hidden for specific continents or countries. In this case only the continents and country groups set by Architonic are available. In addition, country-specific contact addresses can be registered. Further costs may arise as a result of the allocation – subject to prior agreement and order.

Forwarding of your leads

We forward customer enquiries by email, either directly to you or the recipient specified by you on an individual country basis. In addition the enquiries of the last 12 months are available for you to download (Excel file) from Architonic’s Online Reporting service.


Top listing

You decide how many of your products are to be listed in our search results – 10, 20, 30 or 50. The selection and sequence is implemented daily on a random basis. For prices and packages see »Confirmation of order«.


Member Banner

Take advantage of the exclusive banner (300 × 600 pixels) included in your membership, which is activated on your microsite and product data sheets during the entire contractual period.


Product Push Ad

With the Product Push Ad one product of your choice is presented for seven days on the homepage and among the top search results.


Trade fair calendar / video / PDF

You can enter your trade fair participations and events in the Online Reporting section. These are then displayed on your microsite, and we make sure that you are listed correctly in the Architonic Guides. You can have your videos and PDFs integrated via our customer support.


Contact and links to your website

Your microsite and each product data sheet contains a contact interface and link to your website. In addition your contact data (address, telephone, email address) appears on all product data sheets.


Social media

All the Product Posts contained in your package are implemented during the period of your membership. Your new products in particular are highlighted. The products and timing are selected by the Architonic editorial team.



Your product presentation is multiplied through the Virtual Showrooms on the retailers’ websites. As the manufacturer you have the final right to decide on which retailers may present your products. All retailers that offer your products can be reviewed in your Online Reporting.