Membership for Retailers

Generate valuable sales leads at the heart of the architecture and design scene

Retailer listing on Architonic

Your Benefits

  • Position your company side by side with 1’500 manufacturers and 400’000 products
  • Potential customers can easily find you while searching for products
  • Present yourself and the brands you work with in a comprehensive profile

Be found exactly where your customers are looking for products

Our 16 million annual users can find you via the function »FIND RETAILERS« (located on all product and manufacturer pages of your represented brands), via the navigation and via the main search box (with autocomplete and search suggestions).


Gold, Silver and Bronze

You may choose between three types of memberships: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold Membership ensures that you always have top visibility in the listings with a large image and your logo, in addition to many different presentation and branding features.

The function FIND RETAILERS and the navigation COMPANIES > RETAILERS enables Architonic retail partners to be filtered by name, country, region, city and/or manufacturer. Within Gold, Silver and Bronze the order changes on a daily basis.


Membership for Retailers Gold Silver Bronze
Contact buttons Your full address
Your telephone number
Email enquiry
Link to your website
Google Map with your location
Presentation Images of your showroom in the header
Your opening hours
»About« with a link to your showroom presentation
Manufacturer list (those present on Architonic)
Publications about your company as PDF
Branding Halfpage Member Banner
Billboard Member Banner
Optional paid services Reference projects (if approved by Architonic) [2] [1]
Articles featuring your projects
Your Virtual Showroom App (download button)
Halfpage Virtual Showroom App Banner

[1] one project included [2] two projects included

All product data is based on the terms and conditions of Architonic AG


Services included in your Membership

Setup of account(s) for the content management system (CMS) with personal login data (enabling you to create and update the manufacturer list)

Support from your personal client consultant (coaching on the use of the CMS, advice and profile maintenance)

Listing on via the navigation COMPANIES > RETAILERS, via the text search box on all page headers and via the function FIND RETAILERS on the microsites and product pages of the manufacturers represented on Architonic, arranged by country, region and city

Positioning in accordance with the membership type booked: Gold, Silver or Bronze

Gold/Silver Membership: presentation of your company on your microsite, optional photo of management or team, up to five images of your showroom (in line with Architonic’s editorial guidelines), descriptive text

Your microsite on

Presentation of your company

As a Gold or Silver Member, you may, in addition, present your company with a photo of your team and/or management and up to five images of your showroom along with a descriptive text.

On your microsite, the full presentation of your showroom may be accessed via »About« in the navigation. In addition, three of your showroom images will appear in the header and the first part of your profile text will be shown as a teaser.

High quality images which meet Architonic’s editorial criteria are required for listing.


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»What we especially like about Architonic is the fact that dealers are also part of the concept. So even people who don’t know Architonic will be directed by the Virtual Showroom on our dealers’ websites to the Architonic database, which will help them to find the products they are searching for.«

Frederik Billiau
General Sales Director MDF Italia