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Your Benefits

  • The first and largest independent publication dedicated to architecture and design
  • 3.5 million visitors per month, 15 million page views per month
  • 50% Europe, 30% America, 20% Asia
  • International social media and banner campaigns
  • High-end content marketing
  • Exclusive package for Architonic Members

Product Push Campaign

Your products in rotation on Designboom’s start page and in the ›Architecture‹ and ›Design‹ sections:

1 Product Feature

Individual products on three positions in the content section

2 Brand Feature

Your logo and seven products in the right-hand column

3 Product Library

12-month presentation of all your products in Designboom’s Product Library

  • With contact form for enquiries
  • Link to your website
  • Online reporting service

Everything in one place

All your data will be available through the Architonic Cloud


Banner Campaigns

Designboom Billboard Banner

  • 950 × 250 px, 970 × 250 px, 1156 × 250 px
  • Worldwide or country-specific
  • Located on every page (ROS)

Designboom Newsletter Banner

Daily newsletter
110’000 subscribers

Weekly newsletter
230’000 subscribers

  • 818 × 818 px
  • Top position

Social Media Posts

Facebook Post
1.2 million followers

  • 1 image
  • Text: 100 words max.
  • Link to your website

Instagram Post
1.8 million followers

  • Instagram slideshow, max. 4 images
  • Text: 50 words max.
  • Max. 2 corporate hashtags, no generic hashtags
  • Link to your Instagram profile

Designboom Advertorial

Your content published on and shared on:
1.2 million followers
1.2 million followers

Designboom Daily Newsletter
110’000 subscribers


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Jorre van Ast
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