Pinterest Guestboard

Increase your brand’s exposure and visibility and reach new audience groups with our new push campaign on Pinterest!

An exclusive Guestboard dedicated to your brand, with 20 of your carefully selected, top products, promoted to our audience over the course of two months.

At the end of the second month, your pins will be repinned to designated Boards on our Pinterest page, where they will stay and be discoverable indefinitely.

Additionally, your 5 best-performing pins will be boosted to an audience of your choice with a chosen objective.

Your Guestboard will:

  • carry the name of your brand
  • be featured on our Pinterest starting page
  • be shown in the Boards section of our Pinterest pages

Pinterest followers


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»Networking across a range of social media channels is something that all companies have to engage with.«

Sigrid Mayer
Managing Director EIGENSINN