HTML5 Ad Specs

ZIP File

Please ensure that all files and assets are in a single ZIP file with no sub-directories. You may only include one creative per ZIP file.

Your ZIP file must include:

  • 1 HTML file named index.html

  • All referenced JS files

  • All referenced CSS files

  • Webfont files (if applicable – see Fonts section below)

  • All image assets (JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG, etc)

  • 1 JPG file as a static backup banner


All of your ad’s HTML must be contained in a single, complete, and valid HTML file. Your HTML file may also contain some or all of the ad’s CSS and Javascript (as opposed to placing that code in separate files).

Third-party JS libraries

Third-party JS libraries may be used. You must include all referenced JS code in your ZIP file.

Static backup banner

Please include a static backup JPG banner. The filename must include the ad size (width × height) plus »backup.jpg«, e.g. brand-name_970x250_backup.jpg.


Common desktop fonts (e.g. Arial, Georgia) may be used without a webfont reference. Google Fonts may be loaded from the Google CDN within your CSS. Custom webfonts must be included in your ZIP file.