Story Post Specs

Text Document

  • Title: 45 characters max. (including spaces)

  • Standfirst: Essential message of the text in 165 characters max. (including spaces)

  • Text: 1’000 words max. The text must be a »unique text«, meaning the content must be significantly different from any previous text(s) published on Architonic.

  • Please indicate image placement in the text using the image file names in parentheses: (your-company-01.jpg), (your-company-02.jpg), etc. You may include image captions and credits below the images in your text, 220 characters max. (including spaces).

  • Language: English (optional: German, French, Italian and Spanish – the more languages, the larger the organic reach)

1 to 8 Images

  • JPEG or TIFF

  • High resolution: width must be at least 3’000 px

  • Low resolution: width must be at least 1’500 px; optimum reproduction cannot be guaranteed for files of this size, i.e. lower-resolution images

  • Files should be labelled with your company name and in the desired order of publication, preferably as follows: your-company-01.jpg, your-company-02.jpg, etc.

  • The first image is used for the teaser on Facebook, respectively

  • Images should preferably not have been previously published on Architonic

Contact Details and Logo

For Story Posts, we will assign your company or PR agency as the author. For this we require:

  • Your company name or the name of your PR agency

  • Location: city and country

  • Company logo: EPS file, white or transparent background

  • Optional: link to your website

Facebook Boost

Facebook boosts for Story Posts will be disseminated worldwide.

Delivery of Data

Please send your data in full, at least 14 days before the planned publication of your campaign (via file-hosting service, download link, email, etc.).

The non-delivery of required data may prevent the publication of your campaign. Should this be the case, no claim to a refund or a waiver of costs may be made. As soon as we have received your data, publication will follow within a reasonable period.


All copyright issues regarding images and texts must be clarified. Publication of any materials may not infringe upon any third-party rights.