Subscribe & Win

Subscribe & Win is an exclusive social media giveaway campaign that generates leads via new subscribers to your mailing lists.

For two weeks, we present to our audience branded images of your product giveaway with boosted posts on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

At the end of the campaign you will receive a complete list of participants including contact details. This list complies with the legal regulations of the respective country.

Participants register for your newsletter by participating in the competition and subsequently can be contacted directly by you.


Campaign Details

Channels: Facebook and Instagram

Duration: 2 weeks

Targeting: Europe, worldwide or individual

Guaranteed leads: 3’000 to 5’000, with country-specific targeting ca 1’000 (depending on the country)

Lead details: first name, last name, country, email address (double opt-in process)

Instagram Post (Example)

Lead Form (Example)


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»Architonic is a well-established, globally known platform which is aimed directly at our target groups – architects, specialist planners, designers and retailers. In addition, networking across a range of social media channels is something that all companies have to engage with.«

Sigrid Mayer
Head of Marketing & Communications XAL GmbH